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  • When Transactions are Secure
  • When Transactions are Efficient
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Our Software is SASSY

Gallium Locks Down the Details To Protect Your Dollars!

We focus on the details so you can get your due.

Secure your monetary transactions: orders, warranty processing, membershsips, event registration, intake, physical networks etc.


Your process implemented in days, not weeks.

360 reporting of each transaction with supporting documentation for every stakeholder.


Get a complete picture of each transaction for each customer: dates, supporting forms, payment receipts, customer notes, etc.

Give your end customer the data he/she needs to complete complicated processes: roadmaps, pathways, success or recovery rates


Get started on Gallium's Tech, and we'll corral all your details, partner.

Gallium software is natively responsive and displays well on desktops, laptops, smartphones and pads. iPads, iPhones, and Android friendly.


Easy linking to your Google Calendar, Dropbox, or any other social or productivity tools.

Changing the World, One Installation at a Time


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